Thursday, August 23, 2012

Hop On ...well, we didnt hop off really...

So after aquarium, we finally found the hop on hop off bus i had paid for a while back through deal site number a million. We hopped on, and took a pretty great ride.

Uniform pride

So  now every time he makes a snarl face, I'm going to.
more Uniform pride
yep, that's beach volleyball in the center of city!

Quick fact: Seattle has more dogs than children. By a lot.

read carefully before entering any bar

We actually took the bus to the Space Needle, but didnt get off, and kept going for the whole loop, and then back to the Space Needle. We are all for cheap transportation. We'd already paid for it!

Gridded streets are a wonderful thing, no?
This guy was the He was really positive, new sooo much information,
and made it relevant and engaging. The bus driver, not so much. We groaned every
time she took over the mic. This guy was really really good at his job. And we've taken
a few of these buses over the years. Maybe not experts, but we can spot someone
who knows his/her history from the opening sentence. Thanks, Dad! 

Olympic sculpture park

Used to be an old movie theater. Now a big box store. Actually really
impressed as to how the store preserved and restored the original
building. yes, i did give props to a big box store! no way!

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