Friday, March 16, 2012

Subway Flower Wednesday!

I know i'm a few days late in posting this. But the flowers are stunning.
Tyler started out with something else in his hands, but the man hanging around the flower stand said Stargazer lillies are devine... something like that. Made Tyler turn his head. Meee too! They are stately, egnimatic, languid...stunning.

Starfish Lily



the mixing of shy and bold among
color and presence is such a neat 

juxtaposition in nature 
 love the caressing going on here

Guess who else got some fauna up in their lives on Wednesday? I sent this guy to Tyler the same day. Pretty little Jaberwoki's, huh? I was really pleased with what Petali Flowers* sent. They were really patient while I looked up all the names of things they suggested. Sometimes it's really hard to order plants and flowers over the phone when you cant see what you are going to get. Though I would very much rather that than pick from standardized choices. This was actually the second florist I called as when I asked the first florist if they had anything more suited for males, like some kind of plant, the woman said bluntly, "we have orchids. they're $90." That's it, no other suggestions or comments. No thanks. Petali got me this little number paid and delivered for about $20. How fantastic is that? and it is interesting, architectural, and unobtrusive. (and I learned later does well with low light and little maintenance. She must have been listening to my subconscious). I love the height variation and artfully arranged piece. And it's nice when we buy flowers for each other on the same day! Especially when he doesn't know it's coming!

Alocasia amazonica 
- apparently not a scientific name. A hybrid of Alocasias. That's cool. It's neat! 

*Be warned, Petali, I am pretty much a vagabond customer, magpie if you will! So who knows when or if I'll be back! But I do thank you for brightening up Wednesday! 

(the comments here are that of my own. i do not receive compensation for this post or any others. I would tell you if I did! And if you notice from description above, I don't generally name names of service i'm not impressed with.)

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