Thursday, March 15, 2012

Kayak - 2

Getting gung-ho about all this kayaking. Again, I slept late, so we were off to a bad start. Got on the water, and it was fantastic. I wanted to and still do, bottle the crisp, warm, balmy, perfect air up and use it   as perfume. Told Tyler I wished it was that same weather every single day of the year. He said it wouldn't be special then. He's right, but I don't think I would get sick of it. Until I wanted a hot sunny day at the beach! 

Behold: Swan Stalking
(possibly my new hobby, so get used to it!)

G'd evenin'
Yeah, dont you wish you were me right then?

I don't know why these started to turn purple, but go with it ---


Here kitty kitty kitty!

Oh this is the night
it's a beautiful night
and we call it bella notte
look at the skies
they have stars in their eyes
on this lovely bella notte
side by side with your loved one
you will find the enchantment here
the night will weave its magic spell
when the one you love is near,
oh this is the night
and the heavens all rise
on this lovely bella notte
--Bella Notte, Roger Emerson, Lady and the Tramp Soundtrack
Got totally lost trying to find our watering hole from last year. Then parked and walked the total wrong way around to get there. But we found this along the way:

Got there eventually and rewarded ourselves with fried clams (don't worry Grampa, whole bellies!),
juicy burger and black bean dip and beers. Pretty alright. Did I mention the air was impeccable, perfect, etherial, beautiful? Good sleeping weather. 

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