Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Hmmm, what day is today?

I am honestly not sure what we've been doing. I took yesterday off, and feel like today is Monday. Good thing it is not. Tomorrow we are going to a beer and pizza pairing dinner at Za in Arlington, MA. Never been before, so should be fun. You all know how we like the beer!

Tyler's colleague was going to buy succulents and asked Tyler out of the blue if he knew anything about them. As a matter of fact...And he used the blog to look up where I buy them from telling her that I'm pretty good at linking all our sources. Yippee! Now we can buy together and split shipping costs! Thanks, Succulents Galore for being such a good vendor!*

Tyler was singing funny songs yesterday when I got home. We met up with friends our favorite dive bar, he went home early, I got home, he was singing and I was lugging stuff up from the car. We got new glasses a la Christmas Tree. Yep, again. Thanks, Mom for picking these up! I had to reserve them because two stores had sold out of them! Nice recycled green tinged glasses. I had picked up two to see if Tyler liked them, because he decided he does not like my modge-podge of pretty two-off glasses that I pick up. So he did like them, but by time I got back to get more, sold out! Next store, sold out! I told CTS at 3rd store to set aside all they had left! So now I think we have 10 rocks type glasses and 10 water glasses. Good hand grip size and pretty!

* Yep, this is a bona fide recommendation. No compensation or request was given.

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