Thursday, March 15, 2012

Kayak 1

March 10. First day of 2012 kayak season. We went to our favorite, Horn Pond in Woburn. Just the right size, just the right vibe. So easy to get to after work. And Day Light Savings was upon us. We often run up there right after I get home, and catch a few hours of sunlight and dusk on the pond is beautiful. Lazy fishing and picture taking, lots of people, but not distracting. beautiful lights reflecting off pond. And plenty of birdwatching. Yep, I think I'm becoming one of those folks. It's Ok, I'm among the best, as my Dad is a wonderful watcher of birds. He does it in such an organic and enjoyable fashion. He knows a great deal, and is excited by the site of new birds, but the bird watching seems very relaxing for him. Like birdwatching meditation. I like his style!

Please note the title of this post. We are going to keep a tally through the kayaking posts' titles to see how many kayaking trips we actually take this year! 

Ok, so I took these pictures through a plastic bag because I was afraid of my phone getting wet. I think it actually ads a neat fogging effect. But you might not think so, so the disclaimer is there!

First Launch:

Whaddya know? Canadian Geese can actually look beautiful when they're not honking their faces off and overrunning roads.

Speaking of which, have you noticed a decline in actual geese? Like, American geese, or whatever you'd call them. Hold on...Thank you interwebs. Pilgrim Geese - you know, white with orange beaks. You may not know, I feel like they are scarcely seen anymore!

Photo-forresting. I became very interested in the shape and growth patterns of these large mushrooms. Anyone know what they are called? I'll research at some point, but would love answers! 

Check it out! The sun breaks from the clouds!

Oh, Tacklebox! How I've missed you!

Fff ff ffaa Fishing! You can see I was more interested in capturing the shadow that my fishing rod was making on the boat. 

Workin' my new gloves. I get a lot of gear bought for me. Tyler will pretty much buy me anything to keep me happy to go fishing with him. Even in the COLD. So I get new gloves today and he got live bait. Pretty good deal, right?

Penny in the pond. Heads Up!
Thought this little piece of plastic looked much like a fish. 
I am pretty sure I saw and thought the same thing of it last year. 
Saw three swans on the pond this day! Didn't see any last year! My Heron friend was missing, but I'm sure I will see s/he soon. After all my complaining of how cold it was and not really wanting to go, I'm so glad Tyler talked me into it. The air was crisp and we had some beautiful weather to reward us for our perseverance through the initially cold and dreary-ish day. 

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