Thursday, March 1, 2012

Things we've been drinking

We (I) first found Clementine at a bar in Chicago - Pippin's, pretty sure. Nicer dive-y place with great hotdogs and even better beer. I was really upset as I learned with each bar we went to that Chicago microbrews had such limited ability to export to other states, if they could manage to distribute at all. Really sad that I would possibly never have clementine again unless back in Windy City. Massachusetts is so weird about distribution and it's hard for small mid-west shops to distribute anyway with all big brewery conglomerates around.  Well wouldn't you know. Clown Shoes  is made in Massachusetts! Happy Day! Now, can someone tell me how I can get Great Lakes Eliot Ness to the Commonwealth?
Cocktail hour
Good follow up to the white wine I was having the other night, inbetween shaken white russion milkshakes. ALso good with eggplant parmisian, garlic bread, pasta and marinara. And while watching John Stewart. 

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