Thursday, March 15, 2012

Mahoney's Heaven

So I really wanted to go to Mahoney's in Winchester to their winter market on the way to Horn Pond on Saturday.Of course I got up late, and we were driving by at 10 of 2:00, and the market ended at 2. Boo. So we continued to the pond, went kayaking, and stopped on way back home. Even though Tyler really didnt want to. Actually, all he wanted was a hotdog, I think. That's what we get when we go on Home Depot dates. 
Well, we walked in and were immediately BLOWN AWAY. A massive display of orchids greeted us. But we were hungry. Tyler spotted ice cream freezer and we started our journey through the green house wonderland with ice cream sandwich and frozen Snickers in hand.

Tyler was surprised that I wasnt taking pictures! There was so much to see, that I was afraid I would take   pictures of everything and was trying to restrain myself. Until I saw this peace lily. Surreal in how big they were. Hmm. I'm thinking of an artist.
Her name is Georgia O'Keefe. No wonder she was inspired! 

Oh yeah!

You may or may not know that terrariums are all the rage over the past year or so. And even more now. Terrariums and succulents. Love these perfect little microcosms.
This little fern stole my heart


Succulents are some of my favorite breed. Sheerly for the architectural sense to them alone captures me.

If you know how to encourage aloe to form,
PLEASE contact me!
My grandmother's dream:

There was so much more. Pots upon pots and huge cement bowls that I want to take home and plant everything in. Would likely sink our car in weight. So many ideas from this place and would just be a nice place to roam around if you needed some clarity, space, and lots of things to look at!

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