Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Love things

Two things we love lately:I will get brand name of first shortly (spilled
wax all over hand trying to look after this
photo was taken. Yes, I blew it out first.
only half a dummy).

                     The second smelled like bourbon or just enough
                     whiskey to smell sexy, not boozy, when I bought
                     it. Now it just smells like cream soda to me. Jury
                     is still out on sexiness factor now.
                     I hope it turns back into whiskey!

Both purchased at D*Squared in Somerville, MA. You know, on that super productive day I had! Cute little shop. I've had mixed luck with candles there. One I thought smelled really nice in the tin, and when I actually lit it at home, Tyler immediately said it smelled like bug spray. And it did. We brought it outside for when we grill! Gross, though really. So be careful with those interesting scents! I also bought a dainty silver band. I wear it with my ukulele string ring. Some nice stacking going on there.

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