Friday, September 21, 2012

Drink Alaska

And now, drinking commences.

Amanda just happens to work at a bar with one of the most beautifulviews in the world we all decided.
Our lovely bartender:

So I ordered a Shinerbock. Turns out I got a Molsten. We didnt figure it out till about half a drink down. I thought it tasted funny. Funny little German styled bar. Pretzels and spicy mustard. Great beer, and of course, a great bartender. Just dont ring the bell unless you are prepared! (this is true of any bar bell in any town, despite title of linked article!)

Headed from Schwabanof's to somewhere in between and then to Mug Shot. As we were entering the bar, Amanda preempted the atmosphere by telling me that someone got shot there pretty much every night. Lovely. Thanks for the warming and WHY ARE YOU TAKING US HERE? went through my head, but ya know. It was fine.

My man loves his big big beers!

We are now introduced to pull tab gambling. The only sanctioned gambling in the state. It was sooooo much fun. And you know how much I love getting a fix!
More of the future.
                                                                                                        See? ↨
I hear this is a great
'hair of the dog' AM drink.

Amanda and Jay seemed
to think they were

a great anytime drink!
Uh...not for me, but sure!

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