Wednesday, September 19, 2012


C'Mon, you can see the Alaskan state flag in the water droplets, can't you?!
We're in Talkeetna. We already went to the West Rib Pub and Grill and had our limit of Ice Axe Ale.
I made Amanda go shopping. Oops. I bought earrings and a head thingy (which I promptly lost after Amanda modeled it). Amanda bought some lovely handmade soap. She showed me where she got the earrings she wore to Kristen and Dan's wedding. It was at a bar. The girl wasnt there, but the bartender offered to call her! We passed. It was a hard conversation to get out of. So, we promptly lost the boys, even though we were supposed to meet at the same place. Amanda and I got our drink on, figuring they would eventually find us.
YUM. I liked them all. 
I want them all to be distributed to Massachusetts. 
I can't go back to Alaska just for beer, can I???

Amanda modeling my hair feather thingy

Sketchy Alaskan man loved taking our picture. Bwahahaha. 

Words to live by!

 Loved this little beer tasting room. Cozy and made us feel like the most special beer taster sommaliers ever. Even though we weren't even close. 

Oh look, the boys showed up!

Same place, different venue. FOOD! Look at those curly fries!  

This little beach area was sooo pretty. You had to hop across stones to get to the landing. Lovely. Look at all this sun! Amanda threatened me to bring sun, I wasn't going to find out what would happen if I didn't make good!

oh good lord!


Outside of where we had just been:

The market was closed, but I loved this sign

Everywhere we went, we saw future Tylers

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