Friday, September 21, 2012

Hatcher Pass Pax

We had a lovely stay in Wasilla at Jay and Amanda's place. Was so nice to be in a home! Two nights with a kitchen, real shower, laundry...we'll get to that. Cereal and milk. It was awesome! We got in to Wasilla Tuesday night. I dont even remember what we did. Remember, we had already been to Salmon Bake, Talkeetna, and fishing!

I assume we went right to sleep!

Next morning Tyler and Jay went to pick up Jay's sister in law from Anchorage airport. I slept in. Amanda went to work. I slept late. Then I got up and it was so nice to walk around barefoot and do laundry. I actually enjoyed it! So I put on a load of laundry and then asked Phinn, Jay and Amanda's dog, if he wanted to go outside. He really really did! So we went out and played!

I didnt think to bring a ball outside, so turned to go back in the house. Yep. It was locked. So we spent the next two hours or so sitting, pacing, walking, swatting flies and rolling in fish guts.

For not knowing me, Phinn was really really good. And for as much as people have called him a dumb dog, as he was licking the door jamb showing me how to get in the house, he must have thought I was the dumbest human alive.

Finally Tyler and Jay pulled into the driveway to find me with a guilty grin on my face. They knew exactly what had happened. So glad they came home. I had to get "country road, mountain mamma" and "when are you gonna come home" out of my head!

Ok, so back to laundry, shower, and clean clothes. 

We were off to Hatcher Pass!

By the way, for all Phinn wanted to get back in the house while we were locked out, he did not want to be in the house when we were all gone!

The road to Hatcher Pass is paved with peace in the mountains.
As far as we could tell, this was a naturally occurring peace sign.

slightly obsessed. pax.

Awww, boy love.
Hatcher Pass is an old gold mine, active into the late 1950s, pretty sure they said. (c'mon fact checkers, get to it).

I was a big fan of the dinner triangle!

This is some nice historical evidence,
but I basically took this picture
because this guy's name was Emil. (Jess's BF)
Hey, Emil, give us some of that gold!

For photos of the mine buildings, tools, wood, coal buckets and more, click here!

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