Friday, September 21, 2012

Here Fishy Fishy

Here we are! Cooper's Landing! Fishing spot, extraordinaire! 
And gorgeous to boot!

Our expedition boat going into the water!
Looks practically like the Caribbean!
Look at that beautiful water!

Geared up and on the way!

Amanda was not really impressed
with Tyler's casting skills.
She resorted to ducking. 

We DID NOT expect to be fly fishing. This is tricky!
We're in a boat! 
I have a fishing rod in my hand! Happy!

baby rapids

There was truly a lot of great hair on this trip!

Amanda's how to whip it video:


At this point you may have noticed that there are no pictures of fish. We got skunked. Which means, NO FISH>

Sooo, what did we do? Ate and drank, of course!

See the fish heads?


Ah-Mazing Grilled Cheese

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