Thursday, September 27, 2012

oh pecan

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Saddled up to the bar and immediately asked for an Abita Purplehaze. They didnt have it. The waitress was sorry, but we have Abita Pecan? Um, YES, please! And Tyler would have one too!

Our waitress was awesome, had just gotten back from work in Berlin, and gave us great food suggestions and conversation. One of the other waitresses had on a sweater that if I had $30 in my pocket, I would have offered it to her to take the sweater from her! 

We ate instead. 

Such good froglegs, So yummy, couldnt even take a picture, we ate them so fast. We each had our own portion. TYler doesnt share. And well, I dont either when it comes to this. I had never had them before the last time we were here. The batter is so light and fluffy, salty, good good food. 

Tyler's oysters. These I did pass on. 
Our waitress tried to woo
us with that cake saying
it looked especially sparkly tonight

Teeny little turkey legs
Sooooo many mason jars

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