Saturday, September 22, 2012

Seward, Town of

I love this town so so so very much. We found a pinball machine! We found great beer! We found great food! It was such a quaint little perfect fun town to run around in.
I'm not going to repeat it,
but that does say what you think
it says if you read carefully

My favorite beer in Alaska! And I didnt find it till the end! 


Time for food! We went into the smokiest lounge in smokey lounge town. It had all this 1050s furniture. The ladies bathroom looked right out of my grandparent's house. They had all this really neat stonewear bottles and statues in cases all around the restaraunt. Our waitress was awesome.

Ready for this?

So So SOOOOOOO good.


Ohhhhh, here we go!
Halibut nuggets and little necks. So damn good!

We won! We won! Jay won!

Just a night before Jay was complaining he had never won anything on a pull tab.
We (I) immediately told him he was paying for all our food. And we ordered some more!

Thanks divey bar! 

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