Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Salmon Bake

The next morning, I think we're on Tuesday now, we got up at a normal time and explored the lodge grounds a little more. Poked into the bajillion gift stores on the property all selling the same things. We didnt buy anything. I think I would have gotten one of these if they werent nailed to the wall and not for sale: 

Beautifully made bench:

Back to the Salmon Bake for breakfast! Loved how they painted the pitched ceiling panels. Oh, and a moment about the word 'pitched' - this place did not have a single right angle in it. Talk about vertigo! Just climbing the stairs to get into the building looked like we were entering a fire trap. Getting to the second floor was no different. I think it looks worse from the outside though. Once you get inside, not to worry...Right?

This placemat pretty much appeared
everywhere we went after this!

the bloody mary's seemed to include lunch!

The Salmon Bake (which we later learned that every half made barely standing drinking hole was called Salmon Bake), had some great signage throughout the building. 

These antlers have bald eagles carved into them,
and then the points are also eagle heads. 

Amanda and Jay met us at the Salmon Bake, graciously picking us up so we didnt have to take the train back 6+ hours to Wasilla, which is where they live. This meant we could stop in Talkeetna and fish on the way home. So, we were off to buy fishing licenses before we hit the road. At this point, I think we had been in pretty much every mode of transportation possible since arriving in Alaska.
fighter jet of some sort overhead

This is really neat! I kind of want one for our house!
I totally should have gotten
this guy for Tyler's Mom

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