Wednesday, October 26, 2011

35 Years!

After the boat tour we headed back to the hotel to rest, have cocktail hour, swim, and get ready for the big night out. I have to say that 'swimming' with Jess was probably my favorite part of the whole trip. Goofing off in the pool is aways fun. and in the evening after a long day, it's even better with your sister! 

The big night! I got to wear my brand new dress, and I loved it! Mom lent me a belt and she and Jess styled me up! ha. I had the biggest part down, just needed to wrap that belt correctly. We decided to go to the Pelican Club, because, well, you know, we have a lot of Pelicans in our family. Like all five of us there! Seemed appropriate! 

Jess had fish, head on, "Emil would be very proud of me". Dad had the special, another good one. Mom had the chicken and was too full to eat most of it. Tyler and I had the rack of lamb with the pre-fixe meal. Lamb thumbs down, both servings. I do think that whatever else we had was good, but overshadowed by entree. Oh, no, wait. The blue crab raviolis with cream sauce and mushrooms was AMAZING. Dad and Tyler thought so too! And the bisque was very good. Jess and Tyler concur. The creme brulee had that satisfying crack which has been lacking in my last two indulgences. If you go, get the ravioli. We could have ate them all. 

The service was great, our waiter even ended up showing us pictures of his revived house after Katrina. His wife sources fine antiques, so that must have helped! Picked the wine, and when I asked for dessert with a candle, not only was that delivered, but also champagne all around! Happy 35th Anniversary Mom and Dad! Thank you for taking us with you to New Orleans to celebrate! 

We <3 Pelicans

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