Tuesday, October 25, 2011

In the evening

Left the Bulldog and continued walking. Getting tired. Beer glasses and clothes and a whole day's worth of drinking. Of course, we didn't stop. We did find a cab. 

wit witticism and cute too!

Witty little store names everywhere.
Please build me this bench. 

}  Left Magazine, took a cab back to hotel, changed, and went out again. Bourbon.
Mechanical bull. There are other pictures,
but why would I want to show you them???

Intimidating as hell. You have no idea.
I didn't think these existed anymore!
Unfortunately, for me and Tyler, they do.
Not that Tyler thought so. 

We continued the night with big beers, purple haze icees, whiskey, Bailey's...should not have worn flip flops on Bourbon Street, gross smells, shots of everclear and cherries, and a trip to Rick's Cabaret. I should have said stop at that point, but I didn't. A girl's got a right to change her mind, right? Disaster. 

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