Friday, October 21, 2011

Where everyone knows your name and the Saints come ROCKIN' in!

Tyler had to had to NNEEEDDDED to watch the Patriot's game. Tons of people playing the Saints game, but who's going to put on NE? Rendezvous was our remedy. Spacious bar, tons of locals, I've never seen so many people wearing NFL jerseys. Men, women, children - I bed the dog that came in would have been wearing one if they could find one big enough - Mastiff. Big baby. Guarding the door. Ha, Tyler couldn't have left if he wanted to when I went out shopping. 

Southern Pecan!
Rendezvous had the best track of music on we'd heard in a while. Kings of Leon, Modest Mouse, a billion different versions of
When the Saints Com Marching, and plenty of good Louisiana music mash.

The Saints had a good game, and so did the Patriots. Except for Brady getting sacked so many times. That is not supposed to happen! And the guy behind us shouldnt have been cheering for the other team. Right behind us! 

I took a break from the game and went shopping. That's why were were on Magazine Street to begin with! Funky Monkey was my destination! Due to a good tip! I bought a gorgeos dress and blouse there. Then headed over to Frock Candy and got a couple presents and shirt. Also went to Fleurty Girl - best T-Shirts in NOLA about NOLA. Hands down. Beautiful cornice decorative hanging too. 

Oh right, and before we got up into 3000s, I stopped at 2022 to Branch Out where I got some great deals on  jewels. Love love love my ring! 
Just looking. Nice little cafe. 

Funky Monkey
I bought a dress instead

Pool, Saints, hot streak on video poker

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