Tuesday, October 18, 2011

NOLA N'Awlins New Orleans

Well, after 3 lift-offs and 3 touch-downs, we finally arrived in New Orleans! It's great to have airline points, but not if they make you travel the amount of time it would take to get to Spain and back one way! Yes folks, this was one way!

We made it without crying. Barely. I cant say the same for the babies on board. Beers at every airport. This one's at "Antler's" in Dallas.

Our hotel, the Royal Sonesta, was beautiful! It was my parents 35th Anniversary, and thanks to my sister, we surprised them with champagne and flowers in the room. It was perfect! The rooms were on the exclusive 7th floor, which was great, because our hotel was situated RIGHT ON BOURBON STREET. The 7th floor was in the back and quiet. The rooms were beautiful, we had breakfast and cocktail hour, and all the staff was amazing. Oh, and a roof deck cocktail area.

             So we drank champagne, changed and went out. First my folks and sister and I walked Bourbon Street. Um, my sister even said it was the 'skanky Vegas'. Not a wonderful first impression of the city. It was gross. We got back to the hotel after about 20 minutes walk and I felt like I wanted to shower.

The hotel bar was much more pleasant. The four of us had alligator and Kobe sliders with pickled beets. And coctails. Wine and cocktails. Tyler met up with us and my folks and Jess followed a wedding out onto Bourbon Street (OMG, I cringe imagining anyone's dress dragging in that muck!). Tyler had crabcakes and we continued listening to the hotel house music, which was fabulous.
house concoction

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