Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Hey Bulldog!

Someone told us this would still be open...

Headed into teh Bulldog. Full on Halloween everywhere. Granted New Orleans does Halloween right and over the top. A woman next to me was trying to buy the prop of a serial killers tools to wear as a corset. Hmmm. 

In the meantime, we were tasting beer after beer after beer. We had a million little plastic shot cups surrounding us on the bar. I asked the bartenders if they did flights, and they said no, but they let us try everything! and they had tons on tap, so we had lots to choose from. You should have seen the mess. I don't even know what we settled on in the end. Found some great locals to talk to. One guy told us all about the restaurant scene, Tyler and him talked shop about the restaurant biz. He recommended Coop's to us, which backed up Rachel's suggestion. Talked about the levees and the damage and what part of town was what. he mentioned that he was only about 5'8", so if he could see over the levees, they probably weren't as high as the town gov't said they were. Bartenders were awesome. They said that every Tuesday, they had a special beer on tap and gave away beer glasses. I said - so, if it were Tuesday, which glasses would you be giving away? Since we are not going to be here.He didn't quite get it until Tyler said, So what she is saying is what can she walk away with? 

He got it, and was kind enough to go look, and brought two glasses back to give us! What niceness! I don't know what else he had, but these seemed like the best of the lot, so I'm super excited to add them to the stash. Will have to take pics and update this. 

Awesome chalkboards. Would like to see sans severed head. 

Complete efficiency.

Ha, I found these hilarious. Sorry if it's just me. Nope, not sorry. So funny!

Hey Bulldog! Gimme some money!

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