Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Scummy bar, low light (no light), pinball machine, characters

Yep, I actually saw people bring in their laundry to do here. Do not let it touch anything! I saw a cockroach. I wouldnt let Tyler put his bag on the floor. He did anyways. We each had 2 $2 cans of PBR. How can you go wrong? There was pinball, a hat to try, which was gross, a curmugionly bartender, some great looking men's hair, and some character all around.

This place had the WORST bathrooms that I have ever seen. I swear they haven't been cleaned since the bar opened. And last night's, week's, year's various remnants are still there. And this is the freakin' ladies room! Though I swear when it comes to bathrooms, you ladies are worse then men. Clean up after yourself! I don't care if you're drunk! Oh, and I had to get soap from the men's room and then go back into the women's room. No big deal, but I think the Men's room might have been cleaner. EWWW

How does he do that? Tyler: I'd really like to play pinball, I wonder if there's one here... I peer in the door - there is! Whack - how'd you do that? Tyler: With my pinball senses. 
something like that. 
I beat Tyllerrrrr. Nah nah na na nahh naaa!

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