Friday, October 21, 2011


Stumbled up this beauty of a bar. Saddled up to the bar, beautiful hardwood everywhere, bartender and guy at the end of the bar started chatting us up, asking us where we were from. Bartender is from Missouri - the one that told us about the open lot sales and that he about to embark on a large scale community garden project. Also told us about a similar project in Philly that we will have to check out.

The man at the end of the bar walks around and gets coffee from behind the bar...And then tells us he owns it! Are you Mr. Jackson? I ask? No, I'm Mr. DDD. I don't remember. He lives in Louisiana now, before that Florida, before that Providence RI and N. Conway NH. Said he hadn't been to his house in Conway in 10 years! In the ship building business, running the bar, and got a business venture going on back in Providence. Even knew some folks from Somerville! Small Small World!

The bartender made us all sorts of fancy drinks. They were on the menu (but not online!), and beautiful. Full of fresh herbs from their rooftop garden. Love at first sip. I have GOT to get the recipies. Rosemary and thyme and other things. Yum. 

The bar was beautifully and fancifully appointed. Woodwork with beeding, beautiful original beams, local artwork flavor. We found out from the bartender that the bar used to be a horse stall! Back when, houses were built close together and the space in between got a roof and horses. Leads to beautiful intact architecture. And some great additions from the current proprietor. 

beautiful beadwork on bar

The original 'out house' from when the space was a barn
stall. The management uses it now as an office space. 

Upstairs. This place had two floors, and a separate private dining space (behind me and to right from this vantage point).
Snarl Face

My delicious Rosemary cocktail. 

                                                 View from rooftop deck. That's a pelican on that crest over there! 


Oh and this is where I learned about "To Go" cups! Revolutionary to our trip! 

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