Thursday, October 27, 2011


Hmm, what an interesting bike. Sarcrifice? Where'd all those bones COME FROM? Funky? Intimidating? Gross? All of the above? 

We stumbled upon this guy who made a video about train hopping and bumming around the US. He actually cast people and played a role in the movie. So, on one side the travellers are all cast characters that have a plot to stay within, but everyone they meet and interview are not sticking to a plot, and then he integrated the whole thing. Great soundtrack and stunning views of the country. Check out Cure for the Crash. Excellent website too, I just found out. 

some expensive art at the market

Creative fleur de lis. I swear this town
is full of wit and creativity.

Need cash! so we went to every restaurant on the strip, and all had bogey ATMs. So we ended up at El Gato Negro. The ATM didnt work, but the drink sure did! 

Raspberry Rita. I got talked out of the Carrot one.
I really wanted to try it. Our waiter said not so much.
I still think I should have tried it, but this was
so delicious, it's not like I was disappointed.


Watermelon Rita

MMMMM, perfect yummy tiny bites. And you think Tyler's sandwich fixation didn't rub off on me yet?

Have never seen this beautiful color of hibiscus!
So melancholy and moody.

Bathroom art at ... Ryan's? Ty? I don't remember. I just remember Shock Tops to go. 

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