Friday, October 28, 2011


Your interpretation is as good as mine. we heard two different versions of the story -
1. They had a sign custom made in NY, and when it got back, it said d.b.a. which is not what it was supposed to say, but they ran with it. I wonder what it was supposed to say? Story from the bartender
2. d.b.a. = "doing business as" story from the bouncer.

Regardless, it was a riot night. Mom and Dad and Jess and Tyler. We all went out to hear rockin' music from New Orleans Night Crawlers. Must have been a 10 piece live band? We heard they just come here to jam. Well, if this is just jamming, I cant imagine what really playing is. Sax player on far left was holding the band together belting it out. Sousa phone player - his mom was in the audience. She was dancing her face off, and drinking Jack and diets. Go Sousa Phone player's mom! we even gave him a drink, because she couldn't have another. I was buying drinks for everyone. Black Russians, Rum Punches, Ginger beer bartender's choice concoctions, wine, great beer list - I kept making Dad try new things, he also kept taking beer coozies from the box near the door. I think Jess still has one. I kept going up to the bar, and then apologizing to the couple on the corner because I was always in their way. I explained by saying I had a whole family to feed! Gesturing to my parents, Jess and Tyler, who took up practically one whole side of the bar. She said, Oh good, because I was thinking wow, this girl drinks a lot! She finally got up to dance. She was like a gypsy.

I complimented a woman on her skirt, and she loved me for it, and her husband laughed charmingly. it was the third time someone had said something and she was thrilled. Talked to them for a while. My Mom came looking for me, as I was ordering another drink and I explained I was talking to the couple at the end of the bar. Mom went to the ladies and came back and said, oh that woman with the beautiful skirt? Haha, I said Yes! Go tell her that! The woman was thrilled again! so happy to have the compliments. so bright from it and talkative.

Jess and I had a great time dancing. Just being goofy to the music. Penguin walking and break falling (like those toys where you push the bottom and the giraffe falls over then gets back up). Sillyness. Tyler went home early, Jess, Mom and Dad and I danced late into the night. Yes! Mom and Dad were dancing like crazy! You couldn't not dance! The band was infectious.

We finally left and I told Jess to go and grab a frozen Irish Coffee from 13. she had previously said that she hadn't had any to-go drinks yet! I stood on the corner with Mom and Dad while Jess made her escape. She came running down the street with a cup for me too! So good of her! We got Mom and Dad in a cab and back to the hotel. I don't know what we were talking about, but by the time we arrived, we learned that the cab driver had lived in Somerville! Crazy world. Thanks, Sal, for the ride!

Got onto Bourbon Street and Mom went straight to the hot dog stand. Got one for Tyler, and of course Mom started chatting with the nearest young man. I guess she kept chatting and chatting, because I went upstairs with my half eaten hot dog and Tyler's and found Tyler fast asleep, so left the hot dogs in the bathroom and crawled into bed myself. I heard Mom was downstairs talking still way into the morning. Only on Bourbon Street, huh?

Good night New Orleans and Thank You!

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