Friday, October 28, 2011


You know, we find places.

Walking by building, noticed menu, they have beer flights! Well, they dont look open. Tyler and I are muttering to ourselves. There's a guy having a drink in the all weather rattan club chair out front. Just sitting for a spell. Well, no, actually, he's the owner. The restaurant is having a soft opening that night, and won't we come in? Well, yes, of course! My mom when I text her: Only you two!

The back courtyard used to be a parking lot. Can you believe that?
120 (?) year old smoker. 

Fountains, hanging lights, stucco, exposed brick. Lovely.

I dont know if you can appreciate this bar, but it's a murky moody gray and burgondy.

This is where we met Alcide doppleganger, local guy who worked with his hands and very similar work ethic to Tyler. Met the bartender, his wife and family. She had on a beautiful dress and seemed to be the whispy romantic sommelier, we had beer flights of 3 10oz pours, we had butternut squash soup, we talked to everyone. Dark and comforting and the back garden was a place to feel like you were at home and always among friends. They had a fire going in the smoker as we were leaving. Mmmmmm. COuld have stayed a while longer. 

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