Friday, October 21, 2011

Art Man

So much better than the Tax Man. You have to say "Art Man" as if you are singing "Tax Man" by the Beatles though. Sounds so much cooler.

So of course I wanted to go to the junk shop, and we got 5 steps in and Tyler wanted to leave. But of course, he's glad we didnt. 


Because streamed through the wrought iron were these lovely funky paintings and signs. 

Well, of course!

The thing I wish we had bought. Will have to make now!
drying rack
Art Man, yeah yeahhh, he's the Art Man
These paintings were then seen throughout the street. So nice to see that business neighbors support each other. This guy was great. I love his T-Shirt. Oh yeah, and the Saints game was playing on the radio!

Puppy Butt!

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