Monday, October 24, 2011

Rum House

We left Rendezvous and I wanted to stop at another shop. Tyler asked why the heck I hadnt gone there before I came back and we were ready to leave. How about I meet you at Rum House? Sold, where's that? Right up there, I pointed to the corner. I had just spotted it myself, but it was a good tactic for shopping and happy man. When I met him there, oh what goodness there was to offer. Homemade sangria, tacos and straws! I mean, they are so colorful, of course you felt like you were at the beach. Actually, the whole time we were in New Orleans, I had to remind myself just how close we were to Mexico and the Carribean. Because for a while I couldnt figure out why daiquiris and margaritas were all the rage. Dummy. 

The tacos we had were out of this world. Soft tacos with brisket, pulled pork and lamb. savory and amazing. dont know how else to describe. I'm sure there's a better way. And the mango guacamole was great too!

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