Monday, October 3, 2011


We went fishing earlier this summer. Well, we did a lot of fishing and no catching all summer. But, we did some catching when in Dennis Port, MA. Found a bait and tackle place when we were looking for the liquor store, got hooked up with some scup jigs, and guess what? Caught some scup! And an amazing view.

Best idea ever - shacking up with someone's mooring so you dont
have to paddle and fish! or worry about drifting into the reeds. 

Herring River

We paddled the ocean for about a mile from Dennis Port to Harwich, went up the Herring Pond river, swam, and ended up somewhere in Harwich which we later found out was on the cusp of the West Reservoir (already through the East part) on Bells Neck Road. We hauled out the boats in the evening, figured out we had spent 8 hours on the water and wondered how we were going to get home. A local and his bulldog pup offered us a ride (we declined once finding out his intake for the day), and told us where we were! We called a cab, I went home, picked up the car, and drove back to a freezing Tyler, mad about not having any safety equipment and oh, remembering that he had a dry well but we had nothing dry! Epic. 

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