Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Between the sidewalks and the bricks

The bars lie (lay?)! By the time we had walked a whole freakin' mile, we were already hot and grumpy. So time for beer and food! Search for sustenance.

Asked the ladies at Museum where to go next. They said The Ugly Dog. We ended up at McGuire's. Because of course, we found an Irish bar in a French town.

We had two for one drinks. Tyler asked for bartenders choice. I want to say 'Ingrid' was our server. She gave Tyler strawberry rum. Sneaky drink! We got crawfish balls with aioli, stuffed burger, and I stumbled upon the Abita Southern Pecan. I was smitten and drank it the rest of the trip. Searched it out. (*funny side, we were in a restaurant in Somerville, MA last night, and they had it on tap! How exciting!)

Longest Fry Ever?

Much needed. 

A little atmosphere
Tyler played Mrs. Packman. There was an open kitchen, Irish decorations everywhere, and guess what? The Saints game on! Not a lot of people out though! Quiet time, had bartenders attention, always good. Oh yeah, and literally (I am using it RIGHT) paper towel rolls every two seats at the bar. And damn, I needed them for that burger. Tyler's reaction? Awesome.

Asked bartenders - we need to get to the 3000s of Magazine Street - where? how far?

Um, it's a street parallel to where we are, but up a far ways
us: Like How far?
Well, would you walk (bartender to bartender)
Hell no!
Do you walk a lot?
us: Yeah, that's what we do on vacation!
Three bartenders look at us like we are bat shit nuts.

We get up and start walking.

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