Friday, October 7, 2011

Her name was NOLA, she was a showgirl

We are going to New Orleans! Big family trip. It's my parents' 35th Anniversary!

We've gotten some great suggestions! Here's from Kate Brady -

Take the street car out to the Garden District and wander around enjoying the architecture and the gardens- both are amazing. Strange as it sounds- tour one of the cemeteries! Many people warned us that they were unsafe but I did not find that to be the case.

If you are a foodie, I can offer a few suggestions of places we ate that my friend who lives in NOLA recommended to us.

Most of my consumption in New Orleans was mostly limited to 2 categories- drinks & lunch!

The places I did eat though were all fabulous- some with more local "character" than others. In the French Quarter, my friend recommend lunch at the Napoleon House. Fabulous Po'boy & I recommend the Pimms Cup to drink. Also in the Quarter is the Central Grocery which apparently is THE place to go if you are interested in the muffaletta sandwich but it did not appeal to me.

In the Garden District, my friend said the best place to get a New Orleans specialty- the Oyster Po'Boy was at Parasol's Bar. This was not a place I would have gone without her recommendation- you could have heard a pin drop when we walked in (clearly it is frequented by locals) but in the back room of the bar they make po'boys and it was crowded with locals getting their lunch.

These would me my food recommendations- mind you, the last time I was in NOLA was early 2005 so I cannot promise they are still in business or the food quality is the same! But if you are looking for some local eateries instead of just the touristy places, they were pretty good! And of course, speaking of touristy places- you have to go to Cafe du Monde!

In terms of places we went to drink- my friends' favorites were Lafitte's , Pat O'Briens & Tropical Isle in the French Quarter. We also went to Columns in the Garden District a couple of times.

Sorry- this got really long!! If you go to New Orleans , I hope you have a great time! I have fond memories of my trips there so I hope you like it too.

--Kate Brady
(edited version!)

Do you have suggestions?! 

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