Thursday, October 6, 2011

Chocolate Doughnut Waffles!

Cold Thursday night right after a sick day. All our blankets are at the laundry for winter cleaning. What do I want for dinner? Waffles! And Tyler, like always, obliges to my cooking cravings. In return I had to boil and peel the tomatoes for backyard sauce. So I go to get the waffle maker and see the little cake maker that we use to make doughnuts. So now I want chocolate munchkins. Tyler makes them so good! What do I get? Chocolate waffle doughnuts! My husband is the most creative! And they are DELICIOUS!

Chocolate Doughnut Waffle Batter                                           We listened to the new Mastadon album - The Hunter and its awesome awesomeness. I boiled and peeled heirloom tomatoes. Tyler sang and swore. Good thing he put those paper towels down - the batter was leaky! Any excuse to use powdered sugar, right? Welcome to Tyler's test kitchen!

     Prep and cook. 
It took a few test runs to find the best cook time. Third time's the charm! Light and fluffy!


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