Monday, October 3, 2011

Home on the Range

Cannot WAIT to get home today. Got to work super early so I could leave early. We did a deep clean of the house on Saturday, and believe it or not, we are both motivated to clean the rest of the house. Our living room looks completely different now that we got rid of the carpet and brought out cowhide in. Much more rustic, less cluttered, a relief! Pictures of that to come. We also had some sort of mind bending creative experience last night. We both came up with such great ideas for the rest of the house. So that means we are deep cleaning bedroom and rearranging furniture and making a headboard and a new lighting fixture. Making, not buying, making. It's sometimes great to had a Dad who collects stuff. We will be putting a lot of it to good work! So the transformation begins! Look for it all here! Oh, and I get to change my Mucha calendar to October! See, it's a great day!

From our walk last night (food, football, puppy!, coffee, ice cream)

Are these the most gigantic zinnias you've ever seen? That's what they are, right?
***Correction - Dinner Plate Dalhias

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