Thursday, October 20, 2011

Magazine Street

Thanks to the Lovely Rachel, I was determined to hit up Magazine Street and end up in the 3000s block. Mind you, we left McGuire's in the 800s block. It's so exciting to say "block" - like they have a system, a city plan. At least with roads. A walking tour, shall we? I'll try to be brief! 

Takkin' it to the streets!
Someone told us there are so many empty lots in
New Orleans that they are practically givng them away.
Buy a house? Throw in the empty lot next to you! Want
to start a large scale community garden? Buy a lot for
a few thousand and off you go!
Off we go! Into the WILD BLUE YONDER!


What is THIS? I have to have it! 


Not a horse!


Love these guys!

Awwww Buddyyyy


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