Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Not Tom and Huck's Mississippi

We went on the steamboat/riverboat ride, the Natchez.  
(note to self I think they use steamboat and riverboat in their title so they get more organic SEO hits. Awwwh, geek out!)
They are officially a Steamboat. Tyler went off on his own at this point and Mom, Dad, Jess and I enjoyed the boat. Mimosas! And fried chicken! Food not very good. The line was sooo long to get on the boat we thought it was going to be packed and uncomfortable. Once we got on the boat, you'd never know there were that many people in line. We easily got a table with a nice view. No table helicopters waiting to pounce. 

Views great, but industrial much? Coal Coal Oil and Coal. I'm not going to lie, i was half waiting for a skiff to go buy with a couple of people hanging their feet in the water looking for an adventure. I guess Huck and Jim dont hang out on the river anymore. I wish they had some like-minded modern day people who did.

Coal movers
Lots of Coal
scary iron village
Mascara and Lipstick Lady Boat. Can you see it?
Blade Runner, anyone?

This guy did not move an inch! 
Not even his facial expression! 
Can you imagine being on your 
toe and heel like that for a long 
period of time?! 

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