Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Royal Street Deli

I always find good places to eat. If Tyler had his way, we'd drink meals all day long, or try to find food in a pub. But the cafés are generally my choosing, and with a little dragging, they always end up being the best!

We had popped into the Royal Street Deli. Great atmosphere, great service, great food! 

We got the spiced fries with aioli. No aioli, so they gave us homemade mustard instead. Excellent. Brie and apple toast hit the spot, and Tyler's lettuce and turkey and lettuce and more lettuce on croissant was good. Lots of lettuce. Morning drinks and a nice little rest. 

Marker art was great. I usually hate
marker art. This stuff was good. 

Perfectly painted chairs. Don't you want to sit down?

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