Friday, October 28, 2011

Beer dat!

Ok, in summary:

Boston Beer Works, Logan Airport - Boston Common amber - Ah Mah Zing
Antler's, Dallas, TX - Shiner Bock, Bushmills
Irving Meyer's, Royal Sonesta, Bourbon Street - Gimlet, House Cocktail

McGuires - sneaky rum drinks (strawberry rum), Abita Southern Pecan, Mrs. Packman, paper towel rolls every 2 chairs at the bar, stuffed burger, crawfish balls with aioli
Um, I have no idea where 
I had this!
Jacksons - Yummy drinks! One with thyme, one with rosemary (not on the menu!!!). herbs from roofdeck garden! Hung out with owner of bar, Missouri man, and cook? Day drinking.
Rendezvous - Pats game, Abita's, awesome playlist, major Saints fans, shopping break, video poker, WHO DAT? WHO DAT?
The Rum House - house sangria, trio of super ridiculous duck, pulled pork and lamb soft tacos, homemade sweet potato chippers
Bulldog's - beer tasting amazingness - we tried everything! or tried! a million little shot cups, cool local conversation
Huge Ass Beers - just what it says, and grain alcohol soaked cherry shots
Mechanical Bull Cart - Baily's on ice, beer
Rick's Cabaret - not enough alcohol to get me through

Clothing Store Mimosas - pink champagne, ok clothes, beautiful rustic antique hand crafted furniture
Coops - lamb barley something gumbo, rabbit sausage jumbalaya, Louisiana crab claws, duck quesdilla. standard cran-orange-vodka. Tyler: "Do you have chocolate milk? Woman: No, this is a bar sweetheart. (mindful nod from Tyler) But I do have regular milk" Tyler: "yes, please"
Ferry - mimosas with Jess
Pelican Club - wine: Austria - Domäne Wachau Grüner Veltliner ‘09, complimentary Champagne

Sculpture Penis Place (87% sure it's a place called The Ninth Circle on N. Rampart) - beers to go
Royal Street Deli - Cran-Pineapple-Vodka, jack and ginger, apple brie crustini, lettuce crossant lettuce turkey sandwich
13 - Frenchmen St. - Frozen Irish Coffee: one in bar, one to go! Bushmills on rocks
Checkpoint (I saw a cockroach, grossest bathrooms ever!) - pinball, 2 $2 PBR cans each, tried on hat but couldnt keep it. I beat the crap out of Tyler. Sopranos. Tyler: I wonder if this place has a pinball machine? Emily entering bar and seeing pinball machine: How did you DO THAT?
The Black Cat - taco, Raspberry and Watermelon margaritas
MRB - Shock Tops to go, video poker
Evangeline - soft opening, bar to ourselves, amazing back courtyard (converted parking lot, gigantic 150 yr old smoker), beers flights - 3 10oz beers, Alcide dopple-ganger - convinced him to try the Turbodog, even though I had never tried it myself! But he was looking for CHimay, and I thought this might hold him over. Always nice to find another Chimay lover.
Ryan's - hot to trot video poker. On a roll! PBR? Bushmills
D.B.A. - New Orleans Nightcrawlers. Must See! Mother of Tuba player. Ladies Dancing. Falcon Stout, more rum punches than I can count, Black Russians, Ginger beer cocktail - bartender's choice, wine all around, made Dad try random beers, something in a bottle i dont remember
13 - back again for To Go Cups! Frozen Irish Coffee for me and Jess! Babysitting the parents home!

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